Why Should I Add Alt Tags to My Images?

why-should-i-add-alt-tags-to-my-images-KWSMWhen you are creating your website or blog, the images you choose to use make a big difference in the user experience.

Both because images have the ability to grab a person’s attention and because images have the ability to improve recall of specific information.

To back it up with some statistics, Jeff Bullas discovered that 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when a relative image shows up in their search results.

Similarly, when you add an image to your blog post it can help generate 2.3x more social engagement than your usual plain-text updates.

So, now that we can all agree that images are a crucial element to our overall marketing content, we ask – why should we add alt-tags to all these images we upload?

My article explains exactly what an alt-tag is and why it is in your best interest to add it.

What is an ‘ALT Tag’?

The term “alt tag” is a commonly used abbreviation of what’s actually an alternate attribute tag on an image. The alt tag is intended to describe what is on the image so screen readers can read out the text to the blind and visually impaired. Similarly, the alt-tag is can also be the placeholder text in the event that the photo does not load on your website or blog.

Why Should You ALT Tag Your Images?

Now, while it is good business practice to make your websites and blogs the best they can be for all persons and devices, there is one more reason why the alt-tags matter to you: search engine optimization.

The alt tag is a strategic way to provide the search engine crawlers with context about your web page and provide a better description of the image being displayed. The alt-tag text box will be indexed along with the rest of the web page and displayed under the Images tab of Google search results. Stuff it with keywords and you will have a much easier time showing up in the top search results, driving traffic to your website.

Need Help Updating Your Alt-Tags?

KWSM: a web marketing agency has a skilled team of SEO experts who will be able to help ensure your alt-tags are all filled out and that you are following all SEO best practices to give your website the highest chances of getting found. To learn more about our services, please contact us.


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